Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Search is On

We are looking for information on the personality traits of the following people -
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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Chat id - Priti.
Age - 20
Location - Monterrey, California, United States
Status - Single and looking
Commonly called - pritz, pri,
Sample chat line - OH MA GOSH, FUCK OFF
Personality Ups
Priti is one of the very few people on Indiatimes who don't take Indiatimes seriously. She does not get knee deep stuck into the virtual world and knows her limits. She will not tolerate insults to her or to her friends. There is a rumour going around that she looks pretty in a red dress.
Personality Downs
Priti is a classic example of an American Born Confused Desi even though she was not born in the US. She is confused between her Gujarati culture and the Western culture she encounters in her community college. Thus, she has taken the easy way out. She behaves in a very gangster-like fashion when she is with her white friends and dashes off some stale Gujarati when with her desi friends. She doesn't know anything about India and is a confused loser like Tanvi. In fact, she wouldn't even know the Indian Prime Minister's name let alone the National Anthem. She is also very egoistical and has a big attitude. She will never admit that she is wrong. If proved otherwise, her impulse is to run away. She can swear just like anyone else and makes no qualms in admitting it. She does not care if she has hurt someone as long as her pride hasn't taken a beating. She also likes to say HEHE LOLZZZZZZZ a lot to cover up her ignorance. She does not know who she really is. She can only think of the image she presents. People call her innocent and fun, but she is the most extreme example of a confused identity. Do not mess with her or she might just say FUCK OFF in her stupid lavender font colour.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Chat id - Sebia
Age - 22/23
Location - Al Kuwayt, Kuwait
Status - Single and looking
Commonly called - Sebz, Sebai, Sebu, Seb
Sample chat line - if u cn rd ths thn u r my bst frnd
Personality Ups
Sebia is a very cheerful and optimistic young lady. She likes to command attention from the entire chat room. She has many friends and can be called "happening." There are many who want to follow in her footsteps and these include Tanvi and Annachicago. She is also very sensitive. Sebia has a taste for good humor and revels in the company of people like Adorable-. She has also taken Indiatimes lingo to new heights. Although this may be disputed, it is clear that she has an impact on everyone she talks to, whether positive or negative.
Personality Downs
Since the way you chat affects the image you present, Sebia sometimes comes across as dazed when she omits vowels while typing. She is very emotional and sentimental and gets hurt easily, even by strangers. Lately, she seems inaccessible as she is always busy with her friends. Sebia has a lot of people to talk to and Indiatimes Public advises new chatters to not approach her unless they have something impressive to say. She also has a tendency to run after people who do not want to have anything to do with her. She has commonly used this approach to make new friends.
Indiatimes Public recognizes Sebia as an important member of the Indiatimes chat community. We apologize if we have said anything to hurt Sebia.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Welcome to your very own Indiatimes blog. This blog has been created to present my viewpoints on people on chat on Indiatimes and their ways. You are also welcome to post your opinions. No comments will be deleted. We will begin with analyzing Sebia and her personality from our next post. Till then, readers are encouraged to suggest topics for new posts. This blog will be unlike other Indiatimes blogs in that it will offer my unchalant views on these people. There will be no mud slinging on my part, but I do not take responsibility for the comments.
Thank you.